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To hold your event on the Collier portion of the Panhandle Trail, contact Tim Downey at 412-849-5540. You can also contact the trail at


Collier Friends of the Panhandle Trail is powered by dedicated volunteers, from occasional clean-ups to regular maintenance and to helping plan and run annual events such as Rock the Quarry and the Night Walk.

We’re planning Rock the Quarry right now! If you’d like to volunteer for activities and events on the trail, especially Rock the Quarry, send an e-mail to or contact Tim Downey at 412-849-5540.


The Collier Friends always welcomes new board members to help in planning annual events and in keeping up with regular trail maintenance. Currently, the positions of President and Secretary are open to those interested in being an officer. Board members and officers need not be residents of Collier Township, only to be dedicated to the operation of the trail, promising to uphold its by-laws. The board meets once a month on the last Sunday (except holiday weekends), 6:30 p.m. at the Collier Municipal Building.

Read more about what board members do on our blog.

Are you a musician or band interested in performing at Rock the Quarry?

Please fill out the contact form below at any time of the year. You’ll receive a message from Joe Vitullo who schedules the music. Visit our Rock the Quarry page for more information.

You can contact the trail at or contact Tim Downey at 412-849-5540.


Tim Downey
Debbie Giffin
Bernadette Kazmarski
Tom McDermott
Colleen Downey Mitchell
Nancy Smith
Theresa Smith
Joe Vitullo

10 Responses to Contact

  1. admin says:

    Hope you had a chance to join us! It was chilly but we had a wonderful time.

  2. Btandy says:

    Is the night walk still going on tonight, my kids and I Love it

  3. admin says:

    Kathleen, a pet memorial is an excellent idea! We’ll take it up in the committee. Scouts and service groups are always looking for projects like this. Thanks to you and Sadie for using the trail!

  4. Kathleen Sembrat says:

    I would walk my beloved golden Sadie on the trail nearly every day it would be nice to start a memorial for pets I thought a small plaque with name etc and then attach them on the new bridge I believe you would sell a lot and it would not be invasive to a brudgd

  5. admin says:


    Awesome! Really amazing voice on her and great band!

    We don’t make music decisions until next year, but we start looking in late winter. Because we’re all volunteer it will save time if you contact our music coordinator directly, Joe Vitullo at That way you are in his email inbox and he can view the video and put you on the list to contact next year.

    Thanks for your interest!

  6. admin says:

    Janine, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Comments sometimes get lost and we don’t find them until we are doing routine maintenance.

    This page is for Collier Friends of the Panhandle Trail, and we only manage the first three miles from the trailhead in Collier Township. Each community manages their own section of the trail within their community. Probably your best bet is to stop in at the trail station, or contact McDonald borough manager.

    We don’t intend to pave our section of the trial ever. Asphalt or any other paving is too high maintenance and far more than we could afford.

    Thanks for contacting us.

  7. Olga Watkins says:


    I am writing to you on behalf of the Olga Watkins Band. We are very interested in performing at your Rock the Quarry event next year. If you are interested in booking the band, please contact Olga Watkins directly at or call 412-716-5119.

    Promo Video


    Subha Das
    Drums/Percussion for Olga Watkins Band

  8. Janine says:

    Hi, I’m trying to find out who to contact about advertising signs on the trail. I counted about 7 signs for the McDonald Trail Station yesterday. They are ugly & is a really bad sign of things to come if other businesses decide to nail signs to trees & posts along the way. Also please never pave the Allegheny county section. I can’t imagine why that was done in Washington county & am very disappointed in it. The high curbs are dangerous to bikes, hot asphalt bad for the dogs feet & it will be ruined for cross country skiing in winter. thanks & let me know if I can contact someone else

  9. admin says:

    Gene, that would be great! Send an email to Joe Vitullo He schedules the bands and will be glad to talk to you. Thanks for contacting us!

  10. Gene Vercammen says:

    Hi RTQ Committee,

    I represent a local music group called Brash Teeth, we grew up in the Collier/Scott Township area. We performed at Rock the Quarry some years ago as the group Vinyl 6– likely around 2007 or 2008– however we are very interested in returning this year for the 2016 event! I would be happy to provide samples of our music or anything else you may require, just point me in the correct direction as to who I should contact to make arrangements!

    Looking forward to your response,
    Gene & BT

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