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people walking on the Panhandle Trail

The Panhandle Trail is used every day by all ages of people.

Do you enjoy using the Panhandle Trail? Do you appreciate having it available to you at any time in all seasons?

Would you like to take a step farther and help ensure that it’s always clear for safe use, that events are successful, and to invite more people to use it all the time?


Organizations like the Collier Friends of the Panhandle Trail are powered by the volunteer efforts of individuals who love their trail, and that includes board members and officers.

You may have a special talent, such as engineering or public relations, which the trail can use at any time, or you may have equipment or materials to help with trail maintenance, such as a backhoe or excess wood chips. Or you may just be happy to spend some time every so often helping the trail committees in whatever needs to be done—a trail clean-up, planning an event like Rock the Quarry, or volunteering to direct visitors at the annual Night Walk. Everything you do helps the trail continue to provide a valuable asset to your community and the people in it.

The Collier Friends of the Panhandle Trail would welcome your enthusiasm and talents on our board. Currently, our President and Secretary have served the required terms according to the by-laws and we’d like to fill those officer positions, but we would also appreciate your voice simply as a board member.


You don’t need to be a resident of Collier Township in order to serve on the board—in fact, you can live anywhere as long as you uphold the by-laws of the organization and regularly attend meetings (last Sunday of every month, 6:30 p.m. at Collier Municipal Building).

Board members conduct the business of the organization, meet with interested parties and contact vendors for service for the trail.

Recently, the board has been planning Rock the Quarry 2011 including contacting local bands and musicians for entertainment, soliciting vendors, planning children’s activities and looking for volunteers to help with setup,  running the event, and cleanup.

Also, a local teenager was looking for a project on the trail to fill 15 hours of volunteer service, so the board discussed areas on the trail that could use a little cleanup after the winter.

And a local Girl Scout troop proposed an idea for a permanent memorial garden which they would design, build and maintain.


Officers are elected by the board or they can be appointed by other board members if a position needs to be filled between elections.

Requirements for the two positions are as follows:

President: The President is the spokesperson of the organization and presides at all meetings of the Board of Directors and its Executive Committee, and recommends activities and policies that help to run the organization effectively. The President has the assistance of the Vice President.

Secretary: The Secretary acts as secretary at all meetings of the Association and of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee, taking notes or seeing that notes are recorded, sending notices of the business of the organization and keeping in touch with board members, and keeping the records of the organization, passing them along to the next Secretary when the term is done.


Please join us in any of these three ways:

Send an e-mail to with your interest in joining the board.

Contact our current President, Kay Downey-Clarke, at 724-693-0870.

Join us at one of our monthly meetings, the last Sunday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Collier Municipal Building. Our next meeting is Sunday, June 5.

We hope to see you soon! And even if you don’t volunteer, we are glad you enjoy using the Panhandle Trail.

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